Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Community News 8/29/17


Hebrews 6:18 / Psalms 51:6 / John 8:32 

HABIT 2: Your Truth Life Preserver

From your "sit place with God," know that He is the God of Truth. He will never lie to you. He is Truth and the only words that He will speak to you are true, healing, and life words. It is imperative that truth be at the core of your being to protect you from all distortions and deceptions.

Truth is your life preserver when the storms of life blow in and you feel like you have been swept into emotional, raging waters. It is important to hold onto God's true words until you are fully rescued from whatever storm has blown in, until you are completely set free! Do not stop believing, trusting Him and His true words until you are living in the fullness of freedom.

Your words, your self-talk, and your everyday thoughts need to match God's words. Ask yourself: are these God words or enemy words? Then choose to come into agreement with God's words that will help you, offering you grace and hope in your situation. Remember, what you believe is what you will do. Be reminded that thinking and confessing truth is not the same as believing truthfully, your choices and responses all aligning with God's truth—your truth in the midst of your challenge.


First, write down what beliefs will you hold on to everyday, no matter the struggle; for example: God is good to me, God loves me, and God is with me. Second, write down what lies do you believe when difficulties enter into your day, your life? Third, write down what God personally shares with you, His true words to help you replace those lies in your time of difficulty. Hold on to these words, your behaviors and responses in agreement until the storm passes and your freedom is secured.

Adapted From:  10 Habits Of Intimacy With God - You Version