Friday, August 11, 2017

Community News 8/11/17


Mark 4:35-41, Romans 8:28, Romans 8:31-39

In life we will all experience storms, but Praise be to God that He is right there with us. When storms appear in your life, don’t get sidetracked by the noisy crackling thunder and the whistling winds. Instead, aim to intentionally focus on Jesus Christ. Jesus is with you in the storms of life, and in His power and authority He is able to command peace in any storm that surrounds you today.

Although the storm rains seek to soak your strength and the whistling winds seek to shift your course, remember God’s love. He will never leave you nor forsake you and He is right there with you. God is guiding you in love and developing you into the dynamic person you were called to be. Have faith that God is coming through and don’t mistake that just because you are going through storms God’s love is absent. No! God is there and those who love him, He is working everything out for their good according to his purpose! God loves you in every season you experience in life, whether it is great or challenging. Remember that God loves you! Don’t forget that he really loves each and every one of his children.

Walk in God’s love today because He always comes through in His love for you!

Prayer: God, I thank you for your love, kindness, grace and mercy. Although I experience storms in my life, I thank you that you are there with me. Sometimes it is a challenge to see how everything will work out for my good when I’m going through storms that seek to choke my praise and blind my focus on you. Our Heavenly Father, I praise you for being sovereign and that all my storms are subject to you! Thank you for peace, strength and growth as my faith increases in you. In Jesus' name, AMEN.

Adapted From: God Comes Through In Love You Version