Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Community News 3/21/18

Day 3 of Week 3: When Necessary

Acts 22:15

Your Testimony is Key

The term witness, in a legal setting and when commonly referenced, is defined as one who can give a firsthand account of something seen, heard, or experienced. At the core, a witness is someone who can represent and speak to something they have experienced first hand. When a witness is in court, they tell everyone in the room what they know and it stands as a truth to the circumstance. We are called to do the same in our walk with Christ.

Your testimony and own experience with Christ is one of the most powerful tools in sharing the Gospel. It’s personal to you, which will make it more meaningful to others. In fact, it’s in this action you are most authentic to an unbeliever.

Your struggle is relatable and if there is one thing every human on this planet can understand, it’s that, no matter what it is. And because we all understand struggle we all relate to that feeling of hope. What you have overcome through the power of Christ is hope for another and sharing how Jesus did that for you is an opportunity to soften someone’s heart. God does the work but He will use your story to minister to another.

Again, there is nothing like vulnerability and transparency to let a skeptical world know you are authentic. And it’s that authenticity that will peak their interest and allow them to open up to hearing about who Jesus is.

Share what God has done in your life and let that intimate experience be a connection to telling people about Him!
Adapted From: Authentic Witnessing in Today’s World - You Version

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Community News 3/20/18

Day 2 of Week 3: When Necessary

Acts 1:8, Matthew 5:14-16, Acts 4:20

3 Characteristics of a Witness

There are certain characteristics that identify a witness for Christ. Let’s take a look at what they are and see if you identify with any of them.

We are called to be a witness.
We should live out our faith so that people see Christ in us.
We must not neglect to speak about him.

First and foremost, you are called to be a witness as Acts 1:8 declares. In this verse, the word “will” is used and it shows us that the act of witnessing is inevitable. Furthermore, it’s in relation to being filled with the Holy Spirit and it’s by the Holy Spirit we have the ability to be a witness. It is a mandate that we be a witness to the people around us once we accept Christ as Lord.

In the Message translation of Matthew 5, we get this beautiful illustration of the way we should be representing Christ. A witness is something we naturally are as we live out our life for Jesus; our love and commitment should shine forth in order to point people to God. Living our lives so that others see Christ in us is essential. If we only tell people about God and yet neglect to show them a glimpse of Him within ourselves, we have only empty words.

Finally, in Acts 4 we are instructed to be verbal about who He is. One commentator wrote, “There has to be a verbal witness because there cannot be communication of important convictions without language. We must use words because our faith must be something vastly greater than ourselves. We make a witness by telling not who we are but whose we are.”

If you want to be an effective and authentic witness for Christ you must both live out your faith in action and verbalize how good God is. Start with that and God will use you to reach others.
Adapted From: Authentic Witnessing in Today’s World - You Version

Monday, March 19, 2018

Community News 3/19/18

Day 1 of Week 3: When Necessary

Mark 2:17

What is a Witness?

Every week people are throwing parties for the lost at churches all across the world. Staff and volunteers alike plan and prep for Sunday mornings with such enthusiasm and attention to detail as any celebration party. But what if we threw these parties and no one ever came but those who are saved? What would be the point of throwing a party if the guests of honor weren’t there?

In Mark 2 Jesus is explaining why He came to Earth. To the surprise of many at that time, it wasn’t so that He could hang out with the spiritually stable or prominent religious leaders. It was so that He could get into the messy business of compassion and serving the down and out. Jesus came to relate to the broken, sick, and lost to lead them to eternity.

In this one verse, we are being challenged as believers to do the same and we call it witnessing. It’s the very core of our mission on Earth. Many often ask what their purpose is, and if that’s you, start with this verse.

Go out there and be a witness for Christ. This means looking for opportunities to meet unbelievers, building relationships with them, and sharing what Jesus did in His own mission on Earth.

In this reading plan, we are going to explore what a witness is and how to practically share the Gospel with those outside the faith. It’s time to equip yourself for the mission you’ve been given as a disciple.

Adapted From: Authentic Witnessing in Today’s World - You Version