Thursday, March 8, 2018

Community News 3/8/18

Day 4 of Wk 1: When Necessary- When Necessary

John 1:43-51, Psalms 34:8, Psalms 66:5
Now that we've talked about why we should talk to our friends about Jesus, the next question becomes: WHAT are we supposed to be talking to them about?
As you're about to read in these verses, there's a man named Philip who meets Jesus at the very beginning of His ministry. After being told to follow Jesus, he runs to his brother Nathanael & tells him all about Jesus. Nathanael is more than skeptical, even saying that nothing good could come from Jesus' hometown: they're a bunch of losers. Philip's words are powerful and they are the same words we use to invite someone to church: "come and see."
In other words, Jesus has changed my life, come and see what He can do in your life. We're simply beggars telling other beggars where to find food. Many times we make it more complicated than it is: we don't need to know everything about God or the Bible. All we need to know is what God did for us & tell our friends that He can do the same for them!
Practical Steps // Take the chance this week to invite at least one person to church. If they ask why, just tell them you want them to 'come and see' how awesome it is and how God could change their life.
Adapted From: Next Steps: Bring - You Version