Monday, March 19, 2018

Community News 3/19/18

Day 1 of Week 3: When Necessary

Mark 2:17

What is a Witness?

Every week people are throwing parties for the lost at churches all across the world. Staff and volunteers alike plan and prep for Sunday mornings with such enthusiasm and attention to detail as any celebration party. But what if we threw these parties and no one ever came but those who are saved? What would be the point of throwing a party if the guests of honor weren’t there?

In Mark 2 Jesus is explaining why He came to Earth. To the surprise of many at that time, it wasn’t so that He could hang out with the spiritually stable or prominent religious leaders. It was so that He could get into the messy business of compassion and serving the down and out. Jesus came to relate to the broken, sick, and lost to lead them to eternity.

In this one verse, we are being challenged as believers to do the same and we call it witnessing. It’s the very core of our mission on Earth. Many often ask what their purpose is, and if that’s you, start with this verse.

Go out there and be a witness for Christ. This means looking for opportunities to meet unbelievers, building relationships with them, and sharing what Jesus did in His own mission on Earth.

In this reading plan, we are going to explore what a witness is and how to practically share the Gospel with those outside the faith. It’s time to equip yourself for the mission you’ve been given as a disciple.

Adapted From: Authentic Witnessing in Today’s World - You Version