Friday, March 16, 2018

Community News 3/16/18

Day 5 of Wk 2- When Necessary

John 9:1-33

Moving from the WHERE of sharing our faith to the HOW, we'll take a look at a story in John 9. But before you read that passage, understand what's happening. The beauty of this story is that we get to see the three aspects of this man's life that are the same three aspects we talk about when we share our beliefs with others.

Just like this man after the miracle Jesus did for him, we talk about who we were before Jesus met us (this will be different for everyone, but we were ALL broken, lost, & ashamed). Then we talk about when we met Jesus: the moment when we knew everything was going to change. And then we get to show the example of our changed life - the life we live now.
This is so incredibly important because critics can challenge a lot of things, but you can't deny a CHANGED LIFE! 

Practical Steps // Begin rehearsing your story this morning so you can tell it easier: where were you before Christ, what happened when you met Christ, and how are you different now?

                  Adapted From: Next Steps: Bring - You Version