Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Community News 3/6/18

Day 2 of Wk 1- When Necessary: Sharing Your Faith

Matthew 5:14-16, John 8:12, Acts 13:47, 1 John 1:5-7

As we continue to work through why we should invite our friends to church, there's one thing that we need to focus on. The Bible says that once we meet Jesus, we become a light. And the thing about light is that it doesn't lie - when there's a light on in a dark room, you can always see it.
A light always changes its surroundings. 
In the same way, we should be inviting our friends to church and sharing the Gospel because that's what happens when you become a light. If we're not affecting those around us, pointing them towards Jesus, and inviting them to church to experience God, we have to ask the question: are we even a light? Have we really allowed God to do a changing work in us?
If the honest answer is 'no,' the first place to start is to surrender our lives completely to God. Do we need to have our life figured out in order to invite people to church? Absolutely not! But the MOST compelling reason for us to invite our friends to church is because we've been changed. Let's allow God to change OUR lives as well as the lives of those we want to invite!
Practical Steps // Pray that God would make you a light - that when you're around those far from Christ, you wouldn't just blend in with the darkness, but that you would stick out as a beam of hope.
Adapted From: Next Steps: Bring - You Version