Monday, August 14, 2017

Community News 8/14/17


Proverbs 3:5-10
Why Trust Is So Important
Trust can be delicate and challenging to find. Most people have pieces of history where someone let them down or took advantage of them. There was existing trust extended to another and that trust was shattered in the aftermath of betrayal. It doesn’t matter who you are; I’ve witnessed a scale where pastors limit their circle in extreme lengths, to people shutting those that love them most out to avoid loss again.
Trust is one of the most important attributes of the Christian walk. Trusting God and His process is key to our faith journey, and yet for most of us, our experiences in our past can leave us scared to death or unsure of how to trust. This reading plan will walk you through a trust journey, however, you must first understand why it’s important.
Proverbs 3:5-10 is an exploration of that why. The first step in our why is to acknowledge our God and His plans. An understanding of the power, depth, and perfection of His plan must be acknowledged by you and me. When we can embrace that His plan and process is the best possible journey to be on, something happens. God MAKES our path straight.
There is a direct correlation between acknowledging Him and the direction of our lives. I know it can be hard to trust the invisible and unforeseen, but you must extend your trust to God. When you don’t do that you are taking your future out of the hands of the Almighty and placing it into a dangerous place...the world.
Take some time to meditate on today’s verses and come to terms where your trust must be. Do that and watch God go above and beyond your expectations. I learned this the hard way, and it was a year ago I truly learned to embrace one statement: “I trust in Your process.” I am continually reciting this phrase in my mind when I don’t understand the situation I am facing. Because I don’t understand or don’t know what will happen, trust is necessary. It’s not something I decided to do once and have not hesitated to do since; I must continually remind myself in the unknown that God has a plan, He is in control, and He has my best interests at heart. So, all I have is trust.
Join me today in trusting God’s process.

Adapted From: Trusting God’s Process You Version