Friday, August 18, 2017

Community News 8/18/17


Psalms 56:3; Romans 15:13

How to Muster the Trust

What if finding a way to trust God in the unforeseen challenges is more difficult that it sounds? This is likely at times to be honest. And when that happens you will have to gather everything inside of you to muster the trust. It may not be easy, but it will be necessary for staying on track.

In Psalm 56:3 God says that when you are afraid you must put your trust in Him. There is no other option in who to trust and there is no other way through the fear. Plain and simple, it’s trust you must muster when the flesh fights to tap out when the going gets too tough.

Furthermore, Romans 15:13 states that you will be filled with peace BECAUSE you trusted in God. No claims that the peace comes before trusting, only after. Which means when you’re searching for peace in the midst of your struggle the only way to find it is if you put your trust in God!

How do you muster the trust when you’re afraid? Just do it! I know it sounds too easy, but it can be done. As I said on day one, I constantly tell myself over and again in times of struggle to, “trust in God’s process.” I’ll say it until all I can do is believe it. I’ll also speak verses that apply to the situation over myself as there is no weapon stronger to fight the enemy than the Word of God and the name of Jesus.

My prayer now as I write this and going out as you read this is that you’ll find that trust in God and His process. When it get’s tough, and it will, come back to speaking Scripture over yourself. Turn to God in your fear. Call out to Him when the trust is fading. When you do that, when you seek to put your trust in Him, He will give you peace. He will honor that and not forsake you. There is nothing stronger than the words and promises of our Almighty God.

Adapted From: Trusting God’s Process You Version