Monday, August 28, 2017

Community News 8/28/17


1 Peter 5:10 / Psalms 16:11 / Psalms 62:8 / John 15:9-10
HABIT 1: Sit Place with God
Now is the time to restore intimacy with God back into your life. The enemy's plan is to kill, steal, and destroy intimacy in all relationships, beginning with the most important one: your relationship with God. It is God's plan to restore intimacy with you, making you strong, steady, secure, and sure. His pathway of intimacy is life-breathing, life-giving. In His presence, you will be filled to the fullness of joy, and all provisions needed for your intimacy journey will be provided.
Your "sit place with God" can be both visual and physical. Find a place where you can sit with God daily. It is in this sit place that you first worship Him and then share your thoughts and feelings with Him. Pause in His presence. Wait for Him, don't rush this time. First, to receive His care and comfort for your struggle. Second, to receive His truth, to know the path to take that will offer you the help, healing, or hope you so desperately need. This is not a time of monologue, but of dialogue. It is the honoring of both your voice and His voice. Your response in obedience to what He shares with you is your love back to Him.
First, create your "sit place with God." Meet with God daily, even throughout the day and night to share your heart and listen to His heart. Second, invite Jesus daily into all your relationships and situations. His presence will give you peace, joy, hope, and so much more versus what the world has to offer in stress, anxiety, depression, and many other emotional struggles. Remove all "Do Not Enter" signs, giving Him access to your whole life. Third, obey what He speaks to your heart. From this loved placed, He will share His truth that will set you free.

Adapted From:  10 Habits Of Intimacy With God - You Version