Thursday, November 23, 2017

Community News 11/23/17


Matthew 28:19-20

God placed you in the community that you live in so that you can be a blessing there. Many of us are waiting for our marching orders but they have already been given. We’re standing at attention waiting to be commissioned, while the earth keeps spinning and we’re missing opportunities each day.

The marching orders have already been given and we need to respond appropriately. To many, making disciples is the task of the professional pastor, but it is really the mission for the believer. Making disciples is simply investing your life into someone else so that they meet and respond to Jesus’ invitation to abundant life. So, as you are going to the grocery store, make disciples. As you walk your dog around the block, make disciples. As you pick up your kids from school, make disciples. As you work at your job, make disciples.

This week we learned about what being a neighbor is really like. God has placed you in your city for a reason. He has revealed his great love to you and he has already orchestrated great relationships for you to invest your time and prayers. Now it’s time to put some of this into very intentional practice.

Choose one, or more, of these options as a way to love your neighbor. Feel free to make this a family event and involve your kids, they’ll love it.

1. Invite a neighbor over for dinner.
2. If someone is new in town, invite them to your favorite coffee shop.
3. If you notice someone moving in, bring them cookies or a pizza. Maybe help them unload the moving truck.
4. Perform a random act of kindness. Mow someone’s lawn, move their trash bins, pick up trash at the local park, etc.
5. When someone tells you they have a job interview, a test, a doctor’s appointment, mark it on your calendar. Follow up with them and let them know that you’ve been praying.
6. Help someone carry heavy groceries to their door.
7. Get involved with a local community group. Your community likely has a neighborhood watch group that you could get involved with.
8. Spend more time outside. It’s amazing what can happen if you are just present.
9. Write a letter to a neighbor. It’s always nice to get a non-bill letter in the mail!
10. Take a prayer walk around your neighborhood, praying for your neighbors.

Adapted From:  Life On Mission - You Version