Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Community News 11/14/17


Romans 12:6-8; 1 Corinthians 12:4-11
I read a long time ago that a trainer chains the foot of a baby elephant to a spike that has been hammered into the ground so that it doesn’t run off. The baby can’t seem to pull away and it becomes discouraged and stops trying. However, baby elephants tend to grow up. When they are full grown, they continue to chain them to a spike driven into the ground. Once they feel the slight tension and resistance of the chain they remember that they can’t get away, so they settle to their confined space. Little do they know that they are more than powerful enough to pull that spike out of the ground, but past experiences tell them that they can’t. They have a history of being bound and they settle for that reality, though they could certainly be free if only they tried.
We are like that sometimes, once we feel a little tension in our life, we are relegated to that reality. Stepping into your God-given purpose will force you to face that tension and do something different. If you felt the purpose that God had for your life was easily lived and embraced, I’m afraid it’s a shallow representation of the potential God has for you.
When it comes to your purpose, the Bible teaches us a great deal. There are spiritual gifts, ministry gifts and the fruit of the spirit. These might not give you the detailed answer you’re looking for, but they will help you hone in on the unique creation that you are. God wired you in a special way. You are uniquely made and simply wonderful. Knowing and applying this information will free you up from the expectations of others and release you into the purpose that God has for you!
Read these verses and jot down which spiritual gifts and ministry gifts you think you have. If you get bogged down and have trouble, ask a close friend for their input. Often those we love can see greatness in us that we can’t see for ourselves.
Spend some time thanking God for making you the way he did. He didn’t mess up, there’s a purpose and reason behind your personal design. Ask God to give you boldness and sensitivity to use your gifts.

Adapted From:  Life On Mission - You Version