Monday, November 20, 2017

Community News 11/20/17


Romans 8:11; Acts 3:10
The book of Acts gives us account after account of men and women that did great things for God, as the Holy Spirit worked through them. Peter and John bump into a lame beggar on their way to pray (Acts 3). God touches the man and he is miraculously healed. However, nothing like that happens if Peter doesn’t take advantage of the opportunity that is before him. When a crowd starts to form Peter says, “Men of Israel, why do you wonder at this, or why do you stare at us, as though by our own power or piety we have made him walk? (Acts 3:12).”

Peter was quick to inform people that the power to see the miraculous isn’t manufactured, it was a gift given to us by God. Later the disciples find themselves with heavy opposition and their prayer isn’t for safety or rescue. They pray for increased boldness to be witnesses. We’re on God’s mission, empowered by His Spirit to experience the miraculous in our midst. This was the vibrancy and flow of the early church that we desperately need today. Community impact starts with us being filled with the Spirit of God and empowered to bring good news.

The Holy Spirit isn’t a mystery; the Holy Spirit is a person that can really be known. Living the spirit filled life is what we were created to live. Empowered and emboldened by God. Romans 8:11 reminds us that the Spirit that raised Christ from the grave lives within us. He isn’t just renting space in our lives to vacation but to be active. He is alive in us. If he is alive then there are some behaviors that should confirm his dwelling.

Your mission this week is simple yet profound.

God has a deep and passionate heart for your community. He wants to share that heart with you. He wants you to gain His heart for your city so that you can love your city well. Grab a local paper and glance at the articles asking God to reveal his heart for the community. Be mindful during your day about the needs, crises, challenges, hurts and complexities of your community. Jot down your list below. You could make a note in your phone or keep a pad of paper so that it’s close by during the day. When things get your attention, write them down. Some of the problems that are revealed to you will be the problems that you become a solution to.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will lead you into opportunities to be used by God. Be aware of needs around you and respond confidently based on the great and powerful God that is alive inside of you. 

Adapted From:  Life On Mission - You Version