Monday, November 13, 2017

Community News 11/13/17


Ephesians 1:11; 2:10; Psalms 57:2; Romans 8:28

The reality is that God has a purpose for your life. It’s true. As much as a hammer, a spoon or a chainsaw has a purpose, you have a purpose too. Often your greatest source of discouragement comes from the fact that you’re not living out your purpose. You could comb your hair with a hammer, but you sure would get discouraged and it would hurt. You could chop down a tree with a spoon, but that would take forever. You could cut your steak with a chainsaw, but that would be messy. Understanding and living in the reality of your purpose is that sweet spot of life where the tension of your amazing calling and the supreme promise of your Maker line up. It’s a cocktail of awe and trepidation; the abundant life that God has for us.

God has a way of giving purpose to the pain of our past, as well as purpose for the future. It’s strange that we weigh so many different factors when it comes to discovering our purpose. When your iPhone acts up you take it to the Apple store, duh. If we want to understand our purpose, we ought to pursue our maker for the answer. Culture, parents, friends, media and even church leaders will try to answer that question for you but the answer is only found by knowing your maker...God.

Spend a few minutes in prayer remembering that prayer is a conversation, not a dissertation. Listen, wait, ponder, dream and listen again. Invite God to speak to you and prepare to be changed.
Adapted From:  Life On Mission - You Version