Thursday, February 22, 2018

Community News 2/22/18

Day 3  of Wk. 3: Excuses

Day 3-

Jonah 2:1-10

So last we read, our ‘hero’ was being swallowed up by a fish. Today we’ll learn what waits for Jonah in the belly of this fish. After all, if God can save Jonah from the wind and waves with a giant fish, there must be more to Jonah’s story.

However, before reading this chapter, consider what you would do in his position. If God had saved you from almost guaranteed death & destruction, what would be your response? Would you still grip to your shame or would you be willing to change your perspective?

Here’s the truth: You and I are Jonah. We’ve made mistakes and our sin and shame earned us certain death and destruction in this life and in the next. However, when we commit our lives to Christ and surrender to Him, He promises us that we are saved.

So change that question above to the following: “Since God ALREADY HAS saved me from guaranteed death and destruction, what will my response be?"

Read chapter 2 and think about how Jonah responds to God’s unbelievable grace and patience with him.

Adapted From: I Would, But… - You Version