Monday, February 19, 2018

Community News 2/19/18

Day 1 of Wk 3:  Stop The Drama-Excuses

Jonah 1:11-17

How often do we walk away from God’s best for us? Do we even know that we’re doing it? Maybe we’re not willing to admit it, but probably most times we know what He’s asking us to do, and for whatever reason, we just don’t do it. This Bible Plan is going to focus on a man in the Bible named Jonah who was found not only avoiding God’s Will, but actually actively running from it! We’re going to explore why he chose to do this and how we can overcome some of the traps that Jonah falls for.
In our first day, we’re going to look at shame. Probably all of us have dealt with shame at some point in our life. Maybe even some of us encounter those feelings every morning. As we read the first chapter today, take the chance to think about how Jonah’s decision to run from God could have brought him shame. Could Jonah even bare the thought of praying to God again? How could he even communicate at all with him after what Jonah did?

Truth be told, Jonah is so full of shame that he actually just wants his life to end at this point. Maybe you’ve been there before. Don’t lose hope though – God is not done with you yet (and He isn’t done with Jonah either). Read chapter 1 and compare Jonah’s situation with your own.

                                                                                                                                                   Adapted From: I Would, But… - You Version