Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Community News 1/10/18

Day3 of Week 1 1 Timothy 2:8, 1, 3 - 7,2,9 - 15; 1 Timothy 3:7,1,3 - 6,2,8 - 13; 1 Timothy 3:7,1,3 - 6,2,8 - 13; Titus 1, Titus 2, Titus 3

From the beginning, God designed the roles and functions of his children to repr esent his threefold nature. Three primary functions — each given a — emerge in the Old and New Testament.

A King in the Old Testament was seen as the anointed representative and mediator of the judicial and executive power of God among his people. The King wa s a judge. He would initiate, carry out, or forbid decrees, policy, religious practice or action in an effort to lead his kingdom. Jesus is our King in submission to the Father.

The Priest was an advocate or representative who presented himself on behalf of another. He interceded on behalf of the people of God, instructed them in ways of righteousness and holiness, and was God’s representative. Jesus is the only High Priest today, though Christians are referred to as “the priesthood of believers.”

The Old Testament Prophet proclaimed a divine revelation that was beyond challenge or question. Their role apparently was different from that of the New Testament prophet in that New Testament prophecy is to be evaluated, not simply accepted as totally true and to tally false (1 Thess. 5:19 - 21). In almost every use of the word prophet, or forth teller (one who stands before the people, not a future teller), in the New Testament, we see it referencing not the prophets present in New Testament times, nor in our day, b ut the prophets of the Old Testament, and the predictions they made of the coming events of Christ. Jesus is the New Testament Prophet that every prophet of the Old Testament foretold.

In the New Testament we have new “Titles.” Scripture is very clear that elders, deacons, and deaconesses are appropriate titles for those that children of God, saints, and ministers (servants) are correct titles for the people of God. The leadership of God is still plural in the leadership of the elder (the father figure), the deacon (the son and servant figure), and the deaconess (the helper and holy spirit figure). The function of Christ’s work today is still to provide health, equipping, and edification to his Body. The church es edification and strength is not entrusted to us so that we can come to grips with strength in the work, person, and embodiment of Christ and the Trinity.

Adapted From: Spiritual Gifts - You Version