Friday, July 7, 2017

Community News 7/7/17


Ecclesiastes 9:10; Daniel 6:3
Be a Man in Your Work
Martin Luther was one of the first men to say that all work is equal to God, and that priesthood was just one profession that man could please God through. We see this supported in Ecclesiastes – that whatever we find to do, we do it with all our might. God is pleased in our excellence dedicated to Him.
Seeing as we are working for God, our work should be top quality – we have no excuse to be mediocre. We’re not working just to get to the weekend, we’re working for the creator of Heaven and Earth. Even though it may raise the bar for those around us, we should be unapologetic about our work ethic because it's fueled by Christ's love and sacrifice for us.
Practical Steps

  1. Pray this morning that God would give you creativity and drive to be excellent in your work this week, and the ability to see your position, whatever it may be, as an equal opportunity to praise Him.                                                                        
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