Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Community News 7/12/17

1 Samuel 20:42; John 15:13
Be a Man in Community
Jonathan and David are considered one of the strongest friendships in the Bible. In fact, their friendship changed the course of history – Jonathan helped to comfort David in spite of his difficult circumstances, and David would grow to be one of Israel’s best kings, a ‘man after God’s own heart.’
In fact, Christ's own genealogy would be founded in David. Here we even see them talking about their children being friends for generations – our friendships, if we commit time and effort to them, can change the world for generations to come. We just need to have a longer perspective instead of focusing on the ‘inconvenience’ it seems to be to go out of our way to continue friendships.
Practical Steps
  1. Take time to discuss this devotional with your closest friends – take time to dream with them and God concerning the future of your family, friends, and the legacy you could leave behind.

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