Friday, March 7, 2014

The Family Conversation Jar!

I am preparing to teach this weekend about the woman at the well in John 4.  You may know that Jesus met her in the middle of the day when she was all alone and did what men were not supposed to do in that day – He had a conversation with her!  Now that was a very big deal in that day.  But the story has an amazing ending as she trusted in Jesus to save her from her sin and give her a new life.

I love her passion for Jesus as she runs into the city she previously wanted to avoid and tells the men, “Come meet a man who told me everything I ever did!”  I’m not sure if some of the men were real excited about Jesus knowing her past because they might have been in it.  But many come and Jesus meets with them – and many trust Jesus as their Savior!

Maybe it’s just me, but my mind runs wild with the possibilities of how her life turned out.  Did she have any children?  Did she marry a man that loved Jesus?  I am sure she moved out of the man’s house she had been living with before she trusted Jesus to be her personal Savior.  Maybe I had better stop!  I know one thing for sure, I will get to see her in heaven and talk with her and hear her story. 

There are many stories in the Bible that make for some interesting conversations.  Just like Jesus took the time to have a conversation with the Samaritan woman, and answer the questions on her heart, we, too, have opportunities to have conversations with our own families.  Conversations are a great way to see what is on your children’s hearts, to hear their ideas of who Jesus is, and learn together from His Word.

Jesus was never too busy to stop and talk.  He wanted to hear from the people He encountered, and He loved a sincere, seeking question-asker!   To think about:  how intentional are we to have conversations with our family?

Along those lines, I discovered a resource for you to consider.  Check out this link:  It’s a great list of conversation starters, to get your family talking.   Check it out.  I believe you will enjoy learning about each other, and in the process, create opportunities for some great faith conversations.

By the grace of God, I am what I am,
Todd Alewine
Lead Pastor