Friday, September 28, 2012

Obedience Unleashes the Power of God!

Want to see a miracle?  Come inside!  If someone invited me over to experience a real miracle, I would not need to pray much about that.  Being a visual guy, I am always on the lookout for something big. 

Joshua was a man who followed a great leader, Moses.  Joshua had seen God do some amazing things in Moses’ life.  Now God was promising Joshua, "If you will just do what I tell you, you are going to have a blast!"  Joshua did not know that he would see the Jordan River divided or the walls of Jericho implode, but he did know that God was a God of His Word. 

Joshua teaches us a very powerful rhythm for life: Listen to the voice of God and do it.  Joshua listened to God and did what He told Him to do by telling the people of Israel what God said.  As the people obeyed they experienced miracle after miracle.  Even to this day we are still talking about the walls of Jericho falling.

The obstacle to experiencing the power God is sin.  Like Achan discovered, sin always weakens our ability to be intimate with God, it hurts our family relationships and causes the world to miss God.  So be quick to confess any sin that is in your life.  Do it right now! 

Now you are back in rhythm with God!  Take time to listen to God’s voice in His Word, through the power of the Holy Spirit and do what He says.  Obedience unleashes the power of God.  You are only one obedient step away from experiencing the power of God.

Let me caution you here.  Don’t miss what the miracle is!  It may come in the form of encouraging someone, praying for someone, seeing someone trust Christ into their lives, or many others things.  The power of God is unleashed in our obedience.  So let the God of the universe do what only He can do and you do what you need to do.  You listen and obey and let Him take over from there. 

The greatest miracle in all the world is for people to cause the world to see the living God and glorify Him forever!

- Todd Alewine
Lead Pastor, BCC