Wednesday, September 19, 2012


What a wonderful treat it is to share my thoughts with you from Chiang Mai, Thailand. In case you didn't know, I was blessed to be included on this year's Thailand trip. Even more amazing is that I have been asked to encourage the Thai believers here with how they can do children's ministry - that's one of my favorite things!

I have an idea how this can be done in Brevard. But I don't know if this is how it can work in Thailand. But God is faithful and He has been explicit in how I should prepare for this opportunity. Anticipate.

Anticipate that He will show me all that I need to know to be used by him for his purposes. And indeed, He has presented his provision already. I have had conversations with two missionaries here who know things about Thai children already, and I have had a handful of conversations with travelers and locals about Jesus that has helped paint a picture of the spiritual climate here. It has been so fun to see God revealed in these ways.

Should we be surprised that God will provide? I often operate in the normal routine as if there is a 50/50 chance that God will offer the means with which to serve Him. There is a difference in attitude between anticipation and resignation. Resignation says "I may see God, but if I don't that is OK." Anticipation says "My God will come through always. Let's prepare for his arrival!"

We have the opportunity to anticipate God everyday. I have been given the refreshing change of geography and culture to be awakened to anticipating God again. I hope you will be inspired today to anticipate God through my sharing. God Bless you with His presence, power, and promise today!

- Chris Schlender
Childrens Pastor, BCC