Saturday, April 21, 2012

West Africa Trip to "Guinea-Bissau"

“Sing to the Lord, bless his Name; proclaim good tidings of His salvation from day to day. Tell of His glory among the nations, His wonderful deeds among all the peoples” Psalm 96:2-3

Why do we ‘do” missions? Why should we go around the corner and around the world to tell people about Jesus? Well because He is worthy of all the earth knowing and worshiping Him! We sing His praises and bless His name most days (at least every Sunday) because we believe this, but according to this Psalm shouldn’t we also proclaim the good news of His salvation each and every day? And not only here but shouldn’t we go out among the nations and tell them how great God is and share with everyone (no matter where they live or how expensive it is to get there) what wonderful things God has done for all of us? The Bible makes it clear that this is the type of worship God desires from us and is only right when we stop and think about how much He has done for us in Christ. That is why we go to places like Guinea-Bissau. Its not because we like to travel or enjoy the adventure, but we go because we have experienced God’s love and are compelled to “Go and Tell” everyone how they can experience it too.  So Monday April 23 a team of five, two from Brevard Community Church and three of our Gambian partners, plan to travel into Guinea-Bissau to proclaim the Gospel to the Manjak people of Guinea-Bissau. BCC is helping sponsor the translation of Scripture into the Manjak language. The Manlak are an  Unreached People and as far as we know, no one  is engaging the Manjak of Guinea-Bissau with the Gospel. That is why we must go to them. We want them to come to know the love of God which can only be  found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Then they too can go singing and blessing His name as they proclaim what he has done for them among the rest of the nations and on and on until people from every tribe and tongue are praising Him out of thankfulness for His Son.  He is worthy of that isn’t He? Please use the prayer guide below and keep this team covered in prayer during their trip. Pray especially for their safety as Guinea-Bissau is experiencing civil unrest and could be in the first stages of a civil war.

Prayer Guide: 

1. Pray for Alan Perry, Charlie Shook, Louie Mendy, and Martin Barnaba by name asking that they would be ready as pure, humble, courageous vessels for the Spirit to work through and that they will be sensitive and obedient to the Holy Spirit's leading immediately. 
2. Pray for God's presence to be with them in such a way that it is unmistakable to those who they come in contact with. 
3. Pray for safe travel and health for them both to and from Africa and that God will both guide and protect Alan, Charlie, Louie, and Martin, especially while in Guinea-Bissau working every circumstance for their good and for His glory. 
4. Pray for the families of these missionaries while they are away. Pray that God will grant them His peace and the assurance of His grace and sovereignty over the lives of their love ones. 
5. Pray that they will be empowered by the Holy Spirit to speak boldly with all confidence as they share the mystery of the gospel. 
6. Pray that God will soften the hearts of those who hear. 
7. Pray that the enemy will not be allowed to steal away the Word from their heart. 
8. Pray that they will understand and receive the good news of God's love for them. 
9. Pray that the Holy Spirit will draw many  people to Him and that they would by Faith be reconciled to God and find forgiveness for their sins. 
10. Pray that new churches would be planted that glorify God in the way they love one another and that carry the Gospel forward among their own people. 

Thank you for your prayers and continued partnership in the Gospel, 

Alan Perry and Shannon Compton
BCC Missions Pastors