Friday, April 6, 2012


“Less is more.” 

It seems that is now our new standard of communication. Because of texting, we have developed symbols to communicate just about everything. I guess you have to when you are limited to talking to someone in 160 characters or less! When you think about Christianity, what symbol do you think of? The cross is what comes to my mind. The cross is just another symbol but what does it represent? You see the cross everywhere: around people’s necks, tattooed on men’s arms, on church signs, in logos and names of organizations like the Red Cross. 

So what does the Cross mean to you? Over 2,000 years ago on this day it meant torture and death. For those who gathered that day to see Jesus crucified, the cross was the end; there was no hope in that symbol of the cross. Without Jesus the cross is just that, a symbol of death, destruction and hopelessness. That is what all of us deserve. Nothing in our lives has earned us a pass from that death on the cross. Because of our lives we deserve that death on the cross. But, Christ chose to die in our place on that evil symbol of death and destruction.  When we accept Christ as our Savior, that punishment that we deserve is gone!  Because of that, we now have hope in Jesus Christ! It is so beautiful how God takes something that symbolizes death and hopelessness and transforms it to something that means life and freedom. What Christ did for us on the cross must never be forgotten. 

If you are a Christ follower, the cross is a symbol of ultimate love!  The cross should motivate us to go and share what Christ did for us. This Sunday we will be singing a new song called “Jesus Son of God.” I heard this song when it was first performed at Passion 2012.  The lyrics tell us exactly what Jesus did for us on the cross; read and meditate on them below and never let the cross just be another symbol but a representation of Jesus, the Son of God, our Salvation! Go and lift the Cross high telling everyone what Christ has done for you!

You came down from heavens throne
this earth you formed was not your home
love like this the world had never known

A crown of thorns to mock your name
forgiveness fell upon your face
love like this the world had never known

On the altar of your praise let there be no higher name
Jesus Son of God
you laid down your perfect life
you are the sacrifice
Jesus Son of God
you are Jesus Son of God

You took our sin
You bore our shame
You rose to life
You defeated the grave
love like this the world had never known

Be lifted higher than all you've overcome
Your name be louder than any other song
There is no power that can come against your love

The cross was enough
The cross was enough
The cross was enough

-Chris Tomlin & Christy Nockels
"Jesus, Son of God" 
Passion: White Flag

- Marty Burgess 
College Pastor