Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Community News 10/12/16

Hello Church,

The Elders and Pastors appreciate your constant and continued prayers for us as we discern the will of God concerning the next man who will lead Brevard Community Church. As we continue to develop the process by which we select the next Senior Pastor, we want to communicate a couple of things.

Please understand that we aren't ready to vote on a person, nor have we interviewed any candidates.  We are simply trying to be proactive and inform you what will take place when it is time to vote on the next Senior Pastor. 

We fear that many who believe they are members of Brevard Community Church may not actually be, therefore, per our bylaws, they will not be able to vote. We desire that every devoted attendee of BCC be able to vote, to be able to vote you must have completed the requirements for membership listed below.

     1.  A profession of faith in Jesus Christ  
     2.  Been baptized by immersion
     3.  Attended the membership class and turned in a new member card

If you have not completed the three items listed above, then you aren’t a member, regardless of how long you have faithfully attended Brevard Community Church.

If you need to attend a membership class to complete the items listed above, there will be one on 10/26/16 for anyone who would like to attend.  It will begin at 6:30 PM in the orange room downstairs.

When we schedule a vote, you will need to be in attendance to vote.
     - We will make special arrangements for those that are homebound, yet still active 
        members if they make us aware of their desire to vote.

If you are uncertain if you are an active member, please contact the church office at 

We desire your prayers as we continue through this process and as we wait on our great God to work amongst us.

In Him,

BCC Elders and Pastors