Monday, April 28, 2014

Busy Families

The definition of busy is to have a great deal to do.  The verb form for busy is to keep occupied.  In the year 2014, the word is on the lips of nearly every person I talk with – we need help with this serious disease!

Yes, I said disease!  I think busyness is a disease because it is stealing our life of joy, peace, and fun.  It is spreading rapidly in our culture with such force that people are giving up hope for a cure.  It seems that we are just going to give in to this disease with little or no fight.

Thankfully, the God of the universe came to cure the greatest disease of all, sin, which He accomplished through His Son, Jesus.  If you have trusted Christ as payment for your sin and turned to Him from sin, you know how gracious the gift of salvation is.  If God can cure the disease of sin, then surely He can cure the disease of busyness!

Beginning this weekend, we will be looking at what Paul teaches as the cure for busy families from Ephesians chapters five and six.  All the way through June we will be teaching practical messages for busy families, moms, dads, and children.  We will discover the culprit for our busyness and if not dealt with, the devastating ending.  This is serious and cannot be put off any longer!

Plan on being here Sunday to begin your ban from busyness.  During mid-week worship, we will continue our journey through John. 

I love you and want to help you became more like Him!

Todd Alewine
Lead Pastor