Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Gospel

If you have ever been fortunate enough to wander by the downstairs back hallway at the end of  Wednesday night church, you may have crossed paths with a peculiar sight – a child with a peanut shell on their finger. Hopefully you wouldn’t dismiss this curiosity with a reasonable explanation like, “Well, looks like Chris had the kids doing something weird again,” and move on. If you were to inquire of the child what the peanut shell is about, I think they would be delighted to tell you, “It’s the Gospel in a nut shell!” Inside the emptied peanut shell affixed to their finger by a rubber band, they would pull out a small piece of paper that reminded them of the key pieces of the Gospel, and happily share it with you. Pretty neat little method I thought to share the Good News; don’t you think so too?

I like this activity because it is fun way to get the kids to interact with the Gospel. The included piece of paper contains reminder pictures that represent Heaven, Sin, God, Christ, Faith, and Responding (to the Gospel.) Most would agree these key elements and what you share about them are what one would expect comprises the Gospel.

Over the last weeks at BCC we have talked about Gospel Centered…everything. I believe this is a critical exercise for the Church in America to submit to. I suspect that we have allowed the Gospel to stay inside a nut shell so-to-speak, and have relegated it to just the part of our life that existed in the experiences leading up to an including our redemption. “Ok, I have understood and accepted THE GOSPEL.  Now, what is the next thing to master.”

I agree with JD Greear who wrote, “The gospel, however, is not the diving board off of which we jump into the pool of Christianity; it is the pool itself. It is not only the way we begin in Christ; it is the way we grow in Christ.”

I am compelled to better understand how the Gospel is our life, not just part of it. JD Greear and another author, Milton Vincent, are strong proponents of preaching the Gospel…to yourself! Please, make it a priority to make sense of these teachings we are hearing right now and submit to the Gospel, wherever you are in your relationship with Christ. And, ask if me if I am doing the same.

In His Steps,
Pastor Chris
Childrens Pastor, BCC