Friday, June 14, 2013

A Man Who Amazed Jesus!

I sit in my study early on the last day of Vacation Bible School, going over my lines for my last day of playing Paul to our wonderful pre-schoolers.  It has been a blast working with Miss Becky, telling the kids that God loves them and wants to take their sin stain away.  Yesterday was so much fun as we talked about how Jesus wants to take your dark sin stained heart and give you and new shiny clean heart.  I was amazed to listen to their small group leaders explaining sin to them and then helping them put their dark heart on the cross and getting a brand new heart.  I can’t wait to get to VBS this morning and see our pre-schoolers one more time.

I want to thank everyone who helped make this week so special.  We have such great volunteers.  I am amazed at our church family!  When Jesus was traveling to Capernaum he met a Roman official that had such faith that amazed Jesus. Wow! that is pretty special that Jesus, who did amazing things, would be amazed by his faith.

My prayer is that all the children and their families who were impacted by this week will be people who amaze everyone with their trust in Christ.  We must continue to be faithful to share the gospel to everyone, everywhere because He is worth it. 

I've got to go!  Time for me to hang out with my new pre-school friends!  Love you!

Wanting to amaze Jesus with my faith,