Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Role of the Word

I have a question for you today: How important is God’s word in your life?

If you are anything like me, with little hesitation you would answer that God’s word is very important to you. But I wonder if that is actually true or if its something we say because we know that’s what we should say or that is how it should be? I guess what I am trying to get at is this: Is God’s word really that important to us if we are not willing to sacrifice to read it? Is God’s word really that important to you if you are constantly turning to everyone and everything else besides His word for answers to your problems? Is it really that important to you if we don’t even notice if we have gone a day, a week, or a month with out opening up His word?

One thing God has been challenging me in is how desperate am I for His Word. Recently I started reading a book entitled Creature of the Word by Matt Chandler. Chandler says something at the beginning of the book that has been stuck in my head that I want to share with you.  He says, “There is a major difference in knowing the word and agreeing with it and actually being consumed by it, being defined by Gods word and the gospel, being driven by it. Its one thing to see God’s word as important facts of ones life and ministry but it’s quite another thing to hold firmly to it as the centerpiece for your life and all you do; To completely orbit around it.”

So as you read that statement, I wonder which description of how we view God’s word you relate to? Is the Word something you believe in and agree with or is it something that is constantly shaping who you are; what drives you? God’s word must be what everything in our life flows from. If not scripture, then where is your power and knowledge coming from? The answer most often is you. If my power and understanding of life and how I should live is coming from me that is a very scary thing. I have very little to offer and I fail more often than I succeed but for some reason I constantly depend on myself to lead more than I follow after God. My prayer for you and me today is that we will begin to rely less on who we are and what we can do and begin to rely more on God and what He has already done. God has given us His word now it is up to us to decide what we are going to do with it. Again I ask you, how important is God’s word in your life? 

- Brad Snipes
Middle School Pastor, BCC