Friday, July 20, 2012

The Trenches

If you were at worship Sunday morning a couple a weeks ago you heard me talk about how I was getting to go on the beach trip for the first time with our middle school and high school students. It was great! I had a lot of fun with our students, and was especially excited to get a feel for where they are at in their spiritual lives. It was very apparent that they are growing spiritually.

Over the week, we were lead to think seriously about what we would be willing to give up in order to live our lives for Jesus. And we were encouraged to imagine what our community would be like if we let Jesus live through us.

Meal times provided some priceless opportunities to listen to students tell their thoughts about how these challenges would play out. I wanted to know how they thought the life of following Christ would impact their community in high school.

As I listened, the image of soldiers, weary with battle, speaking with tired eyes of the strain of war came to my mind. I could see that they desperately wanted their high school to change to a place  where the Love of Christ reigned. I could tell they believed in God, I knew many of them had trusted Christ as Savior. What I saw were young warriors who needed encouragement to persevere in the fight to live Christ in front of their peers in a difficult arena of the war against our enemy.

I didn’t walk away with an indictment for our students. I walked away knowing that we have to rally around them and tell them that we have not forgotten them nor the charge they will lead into enemy territory, even their own hearts, to make Christ known. They are unsure about the cost I think. Let’s support these ones in the trenches.

Chris Schlender
BCC Childrens Pastor