Friday, May 11, 2012

Because He cares, so do we.

My mom was a great caregiver to our family growing up.  Whatever the need, she had a special way of meeting that need in just the right way and at just the right time with so much joy while doing it.  I really believe she understood what God was saying in 1 Peter 5:7:   Cast all your cares on Him for He cares for you.

The first word "cares" in this verse is a Greek word merimna, from a root word that means "to draw in different directions or distract."  It signifies "that which causes this 'distraction', a care, especially an anxious care."  In fact, NASB translates this verse "casting all your anxiety on Him."  The second word "cares" is from melei, which has the meaning to "care with foresight and interest, rather than anxiety."  So God is telling us … bring all your anxieties to Me, because they don't make Me anxious!  He is perfectly able to handle all of our cares.

The context of this verse is interesting.  It comes right after an instruction to "humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God".  To allow yourself to be cared for by others is humbling - but God commands us to do so!  It is also humbling for our selves to care for others; a proud person is not usually a compassionate person!  In addition, this verse is included in a list of instructions to those who "shepherd" the flock -- elders, or in our language, pastors.  God is clear that as pastors we are responsible to humbly, lovingly and willingly care for the body.  Each of our BCC pastors considers this a great privilege… but it also can be a humbling responsibility, considering the many members of our body!

I am so thankful that in our church family we have so many people who remind me of my mom in the way they care for each other.  As the hands of feet of Christ, you are tangibly living out 1 Peter 5:7 - showing foresight and interest in one another as we face the distractions and anxieties that life brings.  Recently a Life Group member had to be rushed to the hospital to deliver their newborn a few weeks early.  The Life Group leaders took over and cared for her and her husband all the way through their time in the hospital, and even after they went home with the baby.  By the way -- the baby is healthy and doing well!

There are so many more stories like this.  As pastors, we have a great passion to care for this wonderful body of believers, but we need your help.  One of the key ways to help is through our Life Group ministry.  A major component of Life Groups is to care for the people in their small group.  If a person is not in a Life Group, then our Member Care Ministry makes touches to see how our church family is doing and to encourage them to join a Life Group to be cared for and to help care for others.

I think most moms are like my mom in the way they care for their family.  Thanks, moms, for teaching us how to care for one another.  I want to honor my mom this weekend by caring for my brothers and sisters with the same love and compassion that she cared for me. 

Because He cares for us, we care for you.
I love you
Lead Pastor, BCC